In 2013 on the 22nd September, the devastating attack of two suicide bombers left 127 dead and many injured, in the All Saints Church Peshawar. This dreadful attack was the worst against the Christian community that Pakistan had ever seen. An Islamic terrorist group, Jundallah, claimed responsibility for the attacks, due they said because of drone attacks in Pakistan by the Americans. The attack facilitated protest marches and some clashes with police evolved. Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, condemned the attack saying “terrorists have no religion and that targeting innocent people is against the teachings of Islam”, he also promised compensation for the victims who died or were injured. Three years have passed, and the Victims remain uncompensated. The year after the bombing, the victim’s families received relief monies, but more was promised; that has not arrived. Last year the victims claimed the Bishop of Peshawar was withholding the money. An issue vehemently denied by the Diocese, who said the government had not released the funds. Father Amir Williams, the priest of All Saints Church Peshawar, says they will continue to demonstrate peacefully for what has been promised them. But, in the meantime families are suffering, and support from everywhere is still required.

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