What can you do when Badgers are wreaking havoc in a medieval churchyard? The All Saints Church Loughborough is asking that question, as a set of badgers have moved onto the church lands. This protected species cannot be killed or destroyed despite the fact they are damaging graves and exposing human remains. Protected by law, under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, harming a badger or its set attracts a stiff penalty and possible prison sentence. The culling of badgers can be sanctioned by Defra (the government agency in control of this), but there are very strict protocols regarding this and permission is difficult to obtain. This means help is difficult to get for the All Saints Church Loughborough. A suggestion by the author, Malcolm Welshman, is to collect human urine in a spray bottle and spray the relevant area with it. Badgers have a highly developed sense of smell and are territorial, marking their territories with urine. Mr Welshman theorised human urine would work as a deterrent and for him it did. Not sure this would work for the church but some other alternatives include crushed chillis and ultrasound devices. Currently, permission has been granted for a humane trap where the set will have a single entry door – allowing them out but not back in. Hopefully, the badgers will get the hint and move on.

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