War memorials come in all shapes, sizes and locations but in Leicester, the memories of those, who died at war over a century ago are preserved in a church compound. The All Saints church Leicester is home to one of the best-known war memories having survived from the medieval period. The Leicester City, County and Rutland At Risk War Memorials Project ensures war memorials’ survival by helping preserve many different types of war memorials. These war memories are collected from buildings that have either closed or have changed their use. In the interest of keeping the legacy of the soldiers who died alive, the All Saints Church Leicester opens to the public a few times a year. These times are a great opportunity to pay your tribute to these brave souls. At these openings, the public gets to see the memorials, storyboards and the light boxes of three stained glass World War I memorial windows collected from The St Saviour’s Church which has been closed for some time now.

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