About the site

Welcome to this blog in which we will be exploring the Parish Church. In particular, this site will look at All Saints Churches throughout this country and abroad. The Parish Church has been experiencing somewhat of a decline over the years, but they are still there and continue to offer a service to their communities. Saints are individuals who are deemed worthy of imitation because of a miracle or holy work they have performed, some are recognised, some are not. Giving the name All Saints to a church covers all the bases, ensuring everyone is satisfied and not one Saint forgotten. For this blog, it is a means of focus, in that we will explore what is a Parish Church by looking at All Saints Churches around the world. What is it they do? What could they do? And how you can be involved? These are just some of the questions we shall explore. There is an All Saints Church near you I expect, please join in the posts with relevant comments and introduce us to your All Saints Church.

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